Excavating vs. Trenching

What’s The Difference Between Excavating & Trenching?

Excavating is the catch-all term often used for all forms of earthwork, including, but not limited to, grading and trenching. Trenching is generally required for installing utility lines and pipes, and according to OSHA is defined as a narrow excavation made below the surface of the ground, no wider than 15 feet and deeper than it is wide. It calls for the use of a trencher, a specialized tool that acts like a chainsaw for digging precisely measured cavities in the ground.

Meanwhile, excavating refers to the larger-scale projects that Rizzo does, including those involving bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, skid steers, and other specialized equipment. This can mean anything from deforestation and bulk excavation to grading roads and earth.

Trenching Services in Monmouth County

Now that you know the difference between excavation and trenching, make sure you pick the right company to help you complete your project. Our experts have years of experience in all forms of excavation, and with extensive familiarity with central NJ, we can get any project done in an efficient and timely manner!

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